You Need to Know Earning and Redeeming Airline Miles

Don't delay experimenting with airline points. It can be complicated to manage points and miles, but the basics can net you free flights and upgrades. 

The best part is that every frequent flier program is free to join, and you don't have to fly much. We'll explain airline miles so you can start improving your travel experience.

Frequent flier programs use airline miles, sometimes known as points, miles, or reward miles. Typically, you earn miles for flying with an airline

and redeem them for free flights, upgrades, or other expenditures. Some credit cards offer points and mileage incentives, but airline miles

Different frequent traveler programs provide different ways to earn airline miles. Signing up for an airline's frequent flier program is free

Most people earn airline miles by flying with an airline or its partners. Your airline's policy determines how many miles you get per flight. Most airlines award miles 

based on flight distance or ticket price. To earn airline miles, enter your frequent flier number when booking. (You can request miles after your journey

Co-branded airline credit cards usually give you one to three airline miles every dollar spent. Pay attention to card-specific category incentives.

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