What to Do If an Airline Loses Your Luggage

As aviation technology improves, airlines improve. For baggage.

The Department of Transportation claimed in 2017 that less than 0.03% of passengers have mishandled baggage, the lowest rate since 1987.

Some unfortunate passengers must go through extra hoops to get their belongings after a journey.

Tell the airline immediately if a suitcase doesn't show up at the baggage claim. Check your phone for luggage photos to show airport staff. 

Before taking off, know a bag's brand, size, and color. The airlines will utilize this information to find luggage.Travelers should keep their claim

check (typically a sticker on the back of a boarding pass) in case a suitcase must be identified.

Richie Copelovitch of iFLY Luggage advises keeping in touch with your airline until you find your misplaced bag.

Don't be overlooked. Be polite "Travel + Leisure quoted Copelovitch. They don't care that you won't have clothes for Aunt Millie's wedding,

Enquire about airline lost luggage policies for compensation. Airline clothing allowances may be requested for bags missing for longer than 24 hours.

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