United Website Pokes Fun at Southwest's Boarding Policy

United Airlines' new website mocks Southwest Airlines by offering to phone passengers to remind them to check in for a better boarding position.

The new website, notgroupc.com, criticizes Southwest's check-in-based boarding number policy. Southwest's website says they offer "open

seating," assigning passengers a boarding group (A, B, or C) and a position (1 through 60 or more) at check-in.

Southwest guests can plan a “courte-c call” on the internet to avoid setting an alarm to check in. The website also promotes United's pre-selection policy.

Southwest once had a passenger who neglected to check in 24 hours before their trip. Boarding Group C, the worst. United posted on the site.

“Plot twist—we'll help you avoid that fate! Our Courte-C call system contacts you before check-in to help you avoid a less-than-ideal seat. 

U.S. managing director of advertising and social media Maggie Schmerin called the website "a lighthearted

alarm to remind travelers who may not choose United that there’s an easier way to travel," according to fly + Leisure.

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