Ultra-long-haul flights are coming back

It is one of the clearest indicators that airlines are betting that international travel, ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, would grow.

Qantas began New York-Sydney service with a stop in Auckland on Boeing on Wednesday.

787 Dreamliners instead of Los Angeles. Nonstop Sydney-New York and London flights are the Australian carrier's focus. Flights might take 20 hours

Announcing Qantas' new cabins in New York on Thursday, CEO Alan Joyce told CNBC, “You don't have to take your bags off, you don't have to

transfer, you don't have a chance of misconnecting.” The airline thinks the new routes could cut travel time by over three hours compared to flights with stops

For eight years, Qantas has worked with sleep specialists to study passenger moods, sleep patterns, and food intake to reduce jet lag on

super-long flights. Test runs are scheduled for 2019. After arriving, postponing food service and keeping people awake with cabin lights helped 

Starting late 2025, Qantas will fly ultra-long-range Airbus A350-1000s on the new nonstops. They will seat 238 people, significantly fewer than

regular planes' 350. For weight, range, and more comfortable seating, Qantas limited the number of passengers.

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