Trader Joe's Dip Is Amazing: Fans “Live in Fear of It Being Discontinued”

 Trader Joe's latest dip is so tasty and compelling that some customers "genuinely live in fear" of its discontinuation.

Here's why you should buy the Garlic Spread-Dip from Trader Joe's.

What's Toum?

Trader Joe's Garlic Spread-Dip is toum (pronounced 'tomb'), a Middle Eastern dip with an Americanized moniker. Mezze platters in Lebanon and other Middle Eastern nations often include toum, a dip or spread.

It's a creamy garlic, oil, salt, and lemon juice emulsion like Provençal aioli. Modern aioli recipes often use egg yolks or mayonnaise, but toum does not.

Taste of Toum

The latest is a Trader Joe's dip so tasty and fascinating that some customers "genuinely live in fear" of its discontinuation. 

Trader Joe's Garlic Spread-Dip is worth adding to your cart on your next visit.

Review: Trader Joe's Garlic Dip

Trader Joe's dips have varied reviews, but this one is good. The Trader Joe's Garlic Dip-Spread reminded me of my first Lebanese takeaway toum in college. The food is great, but not for a first date. 

How to Use Trader Joe's Garlic Dip-Spread