This Is What It’s Really Like to Fly Low-Cost Airline

Since Icelandair began offering cheap transatlantic flights in the 1960s, budget visitors have stopped in Iceland. In 2019, Icelandic low-cost carrier

Wow went bankrupt while offering $49 US-Europe rates, raising concerns about the risks of flying to Iceland on the cheap.

The narrative continues. After acquiring some of Wow's assets and hiring many former Wow crew members and executives, Play

Airlines launched in 2019 as the latest startup from the island nation to revive the idea that you can cross the Atlantic for less

than your first hotel night. Play's fares can drop to $100 one-way from the U.S. to Europe during promotional periods.

I was excited to try this new airline after flying budget airlines abroad. Last spring, I took Play Flight 112 from Boston Logan to Iceland's 

Play doesn't participate in TSA PreCheck, so expect longer security lines. Luckily, the standard security lines moved quickly,

and I had time to browse Terminal E's duty-free stores and food and beverage selections before the 6:30 p.m. boarding call.

Play passengers don't have a lounge, but Priority Pass members (like me) can visit the Air France lounge for a meal and drink before takeoff.

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