This Ice Cream Is Being Tied to Over 20 Illnesses

A huge bowl of ice cream to cool off on a hot summer day may not be wise. One company's chilled dessert is suspected of causing a number of serious illnesses

According to the advisory, Big Olaf Creamery ice cream in Florida has caused 23 illnesses, 22 hospitalizations, and one death due to listeria.

Florida grocery stores, Big Olaf Creamery locations, and other parlors and companies sell the ice cream under numerous brands. If you are in

Florida during the recall, the CDC advises you to ask if the ice cream was bought from Big Olaf before eating or buying it.

According to the CDC, 12 people have fallen sick in Florida, 10 of whom traveled there a month prior. New York and Massachusetts identified

two more diseases, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Minnesota, Kansas, and Colorado one each. Four illnesses occurred in April

Since listeria thrives at freezing temperatures, anyone with ice cream at home should throw it away immediately.

According to the Mayo Clinic, pregnant women are especially at risk from listeria-contaminated items. Bacterial infections can induce miscarriages and stillbirths.

Listeria-contaminated food may not make you sick for days or weeks. After weeks, invasive illnesses can cause fever and flu-like symptoms.

Also, be cautious. These baked pastries have been recalled in all 50 states owing to the "potential presence of hard plastic pieces."