This Airline Now Offers a Subscription Service for Flight Tickets

With Flight Pass, Alaska Airlines entered the subscription service market. This subscription-based ticketing scheme lets Californians fly to

13 major airports and Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Reno for $49 a month plus one-cent prices and taxes.

How it works: The ordinary Flight Pass costs $49 per month for six flights a year, while the Flight Pass Pro costs $199 per month. The sole

distinction is that normal subscribers must reserve 14 days in advance, whereas Pro passholders can book two hours before departure. Both

versions offer six, 12, or 24 credits per year, deposited monthly or every other month. Travel credits can be utilized up to 90 days in advanc

Each credit is good for a round-trip Main Cabin flight, and passholders earn miles like they would with a full-fare ticket. Alaska offers a

passholder reservations department, but most tourists won't need to contact since the online booking process is simple.

Passholders can fly most airlines for one cent plus $14.60 each way for fees and taxes. However, if you're traveling during a popular time

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