The Sun Sets On AirAsia India Brand

AirAsia India's nearly decade old presence in India is over. While its incorporation into Air India Express began

a long time ago, its Managing Director just announced the brand's termination on LinkedIn.

AirAsia India's exit from Indian aviation was expected. The privatization of Air India and Air India Express foretold its demise. Managing Director

Aloke Singh announced the branding and corporate structure modifications that had been underway for months. Last week, he wrote on LinkedIn:

AirAsia India's destiny was sealed when the Tata Group merged it with Air India Express. Several airline adjustments

followed. The Tata Group owned 83.67% of the airline until last year, with AirAsia Group owning the rest.

In November 2022, the Tata Group acquired the airline's remaining ownership, allowing it to combine

with AirAsia India. A month later, AirAsia India became AIX Connect, and its planes lost their identity.

While this happened, the two airlines' staff began merging operational processes and moving bookings to one website. 

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