The Real Reason Why Airplane Windows Have Holes

If you're not a pilot or flight attendant, you probably don't get to see clouds, mountains, or cities from

an airplane window every day. Have you thought about the pressure on that small window pane between you and the sky?

Thankfully, airplane engineers consider all those physics concerns to make planes safe. You may 

detect a little hole in every airplane window. A bleed hole regulates air pressure and is essential to the construction. 

Above sea level, air pressure and oxygen decrease. Low oxygen and air pressure are bad for humans. 

Air pressure drops in the cabin as the plane ascends. To ensure passenger comfort, aircraft maintain safe cabin air pressure.

An Airbus spokeswoman informs Travel + Leisure that exterior air pressure is substantially lower than inside air pressure during flight.

Safety measures like airplane window design have prevented fast decompression from structural failure due to decades of careful design and testing. 

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