Southwest Airlines Warns Against Free Flight Scam

If you believe that Southwest Airlines is currently giving away free flights around the world, I'm sorry to be the one to break the news to you that

fraudsters are at it again. An airline issued a warning to its customers that a Facebook page that falsely claimed to be maintained by the

airline was a fake and that users should not send any personal information to the page.

Southwest busted the fake page by posting a picture of the profile called "Southwest Air" on Facebook with the words "scam alert" written

on it. The post that was posted on the false page claimed that the airline was operating all of its flights around the clock and that it

wanted to express gratitude to its faithful customers by providing 500 free round-trip tickets that could be used to travel to any location.

On the airline's official Facebook page, the company made the following announcement: "While we do offer very low fares, we are not currently

offering FREE flights, as some of you may have seen on a fraudulent page," "Always be sure to look for that little blue checkmark next to our

page name, and make sure not to provide any of these scam pages with any of your personal information."

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