Southwest Airlines Just Released Thanksgiving, Christmas

Southwest Airlines is offering Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's flights, 

even though most of us are excited about summer travel and nicer weather.

Southwest said on Twitter on Thursday that bookings were open through Jan. 5, 2020. 

After reports that holiday flights would have to be booked by June 20, the announcement was made.

The airline's website says July 10 will release flights until March 6, 2020, although this may change.

Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines only offer Christmas trips through Nov. 13 and Dec. 18, respectively, 

whereas American, Delta, and United have sold them for months. Southwest frequently leads in price, so holiday fares may drop.

Even with early trip releases by multiple airlines, Hopper revealed that just 61% of travelers had searched

for Thanksgiving flights by Nov. 1 in 2017 and that September had the lowest costs. Mid-October had the lowest Christmas fares

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