Secret Side Effects of Playing Golf

A 1991 enthusiastic golfer who entered a time machine and was quickly spewed out in 2021 would be confused. 

Composite-material equipment launching balls 350 yards, ultra low-spin golf balls that hang in the air forever

Amateur golf club fittings, and TrackMan, a revolutionary new device that tells you your "angle of attack," "dynamic loft," and clubhead speed—data points you never knew you wanted.

The average professional works out as much as an NBA player in the offseason. Of course, not all golfers are fit. Many amateur golfers in the U.S. 

Drink beer while playing and riding on golf carts, and many utilize it as a chance to get away from the house

Golfing has always been a worthwhile workout, but 2020's generational boom in popularity due to its friendliness during social separation has made it universally

Walking is cool again," a California golfer told The New York Times in "Golf Carts Are Parked, Walking Is In and, Yes, It's Exercise.

"I'm out there together with these kids walking, getting a good workout and playing the sport the way it was meant to be played."

The UK website Skilled Golf recently merged well-known (and regularly mentioned) Harvard Medical School research 

They estimated that a "average, healthy, and able-bodied person weighing approximately 155 lbs" would burn 1,640 calories walking 18 holes 

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