Polar Express Christmas Decor

Train Track Table Runner

To prepare for the Polar Express adventure, place a train track-patterned table runner on your dining or coffee table.

Hot Chocolate Station

Make a comfortable hot chocolate station and label it "Hot Chocolate: The Polar Express Special." Include festive glasses, marshmallows, and whipped cream.

Polar Express Train Display

As a centerpiece for your dining table or a display shelf, place a Polar Express train set. For a personal touch, add small figurines of the characters.

Believe Sign

Place a "Believe" sign on your mantel or as part of your wall decor to include the renowned "Believe" motif.

Polar Express Tickets

Create and send Polar Express-themed tickets to relatives and friends as a unique Christmas invitation.

Pajama Party Corner

For a Polar Express pajama party, set up a warm section with blankets and pillows. Invite visitors to dress in their favorite jammies for the occasion.

Polar Express Lanterns

Hang lanterns throughout your living space to simulate a nighttime train ride. Consider using battery-powered lanterns to provide a safe and warm illumination.

North Pole Directional Sign

To direct the way, make a sign pointing to the North Pole and place it near your Christmas tree or outside decorations.

Polar Express Book Display

Arrange copies of the book "The Polar Express" on a shelf or table. Consider giving the book to guests as a party goodie.