10 Pixie Cuts for Confident Older Women

Classic Pixie: 

The iconic pixie cut is lovely. It has short, cut hair with longer layers on top.

Textured Pixie: 

Request choppy layers for your pixie cut. This hairstyle creates movement and dimension.

Asymmetric Pixie: 

Asymmetrical pixie cuts are trendy. It creates a distinctive look by shortening one side of your hair.

Layered Pixie: 

Layers give pixie cuts dimension and depth. Request layers from your hairdresser to add volume and texture.

Tapered Pixie

Tapered pixie cuts have shorter sides and backs and longer tops. This elegant design enhances your facial characteristics.

Pixie Bangs: 

Pixie cuts seem younger with bangs. Choose side-swept or short, wispy bangs.

Silver Pixie: 

Rock a silver pixie cut with gray or silver hair. This elegant design showcases your hair's hue.

Pixie undercut: 

Pixie cuts with undercuts are bold and daring. For an edgier look, shave your nape or sides.

Feather Pixie: 

Feathered pixie cuts look feminine. Ask your stylist to add wispy layers to frame your face for a delicate look.

Highlighted Pixie: 

Choose a color that complements your skin tone and have your hairdresser strategically put highlights

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