One Major Side Effect Red Meat Has on Your Joints

Did you realize your daily diet may cause joint pain? The American diet is high in ultra-processed foods, which can cause inflammation. 

 These include packaged, sugary snacks and red meat, which may cause joint pain.

A diet low in processed foods may relieve chronic joint pain. Recent studies suggest a plant-based diet may reduce joint discomfort

 One 2015 study found that eating complete, plant-based diets reduced osteoarthritis pain after two weeks.

After the six-week study, participants reported higher energy and better physical function.

Fiber intake may potentially prevent arthritis symptoms, according to a 2017 study. High-fiber diets lowered symptomatic knee osteoarthritis

High-fat, processed foods can affect your gut microbiome, causing several health problems. However, plant-based diets

which contain prebiotics and probiotics, can diversity gut bacteria and reduce inflammation.

The Mayo Clinic's Center for Individualized Medicine found that rheumatoid arthritis patients' gut microbiomes may predict clinical improvement.

The Genome Medicine study found gut microbiome characteristics associated to rheumatoid arthritis prognosis. 

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