Non-Alcoholic Cocktails That Will Blow Your Mind

Virgin mojito

The mojito is a classic. It's zesty and refreshing, and easily adapted into a non-alcohol drink. Mix the juice of three limes with a tablespoon of sugar and a small bunch of fresh mint.

Raspberry herb smash

Crush a handful of raspberries with a couple of teaspoons of sugar, some lime juice, and your herb of choice. Mint, basil, or sage will work a treat. Add soda water to finish.

Pomegranate rose water spritzer

This mocktail combines non-alcoholic apple cider, pomegranate juice, fresh lemon or lime, and soda water. It looks great with fresh pomegranate seeds thrown in.

Pomegranate mulled cider

This winter warmer is a great alternative to alcoholic beverages like mulled wine. Add non-alcoholic apple cider and pomegranate juice to a pot along with the usual warming spices.

Lemon lavender spritzer

This floral spritzer is based around an easy-to-make lemon and lavender syrup. Simply add lemon zest and fresh lavender sprigs to a pan with sugar and water, and cook down into a syrup.

Sparkling blood orange mocktail

Vibrant and flavorful blood oranges are the star of the show here. Squeeze the juice of the oranges and simply add honey, vanilla essence, and soda water.

Shirley Temple

The Shirley Temple, named after the famous child star, has been around for almost a century. One of the first and most famous non-alcoholic cocktails, it simply combines ginger ale and grenadine with a maraschino cherry on top.

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