Nail Care Tips For Maintaining Strong And Healthy Natural Nails

Balanced Diet

Your nails' health starts with diet. A nutritious diet helps boost nail strength. Vitamin H, or biotin, is essential for nail health. Biotin-rich foods include eggs, almonds, and whole grains.


Nails and cuticles require water like skin. Anti-drying, cracking, and peeling cuticle oils and creams can be used regularly. Hydrated cuticles prevent damage and encourage nail development.

Gentle Cleaning

Gentle nail cleansing is recommended. Avoid damaging your nails with strong chemicals or metal objects while cleaning under them.

Proper Filing

Maintaining a nice look requires proper nail filing. Avoid vigorous nail-filing motions and file in one direction. This prevents nail breaking and weakening.

Nail Hardener

Specialized nail hardeners strengthen and minimize brittleness. These products contain nail-healthy keratin and calcium. Use a nail hardening treatment regularly to strengthen and preserve your nails.

Use Gloves

Chemicals and stress can damage nails from daily use. Gloves protect you while gardening or other housework. Nail breakage is reduced by avoiding strong chemicals.

Regular Trims

Preventing nail breakdown requires proper length. Maintain controllable nail length by trimming them regularly. Long nails snag and break more easily.

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