Massive Interview Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Turning Up Late

Your potential employer will want to know that your timekeeping is reliable, so turning up late for an interview is a massive no-no.

Not Looking The Part

Even if your interview is taking place online, it makes sense to dress appropriately. Plan your outfit in advance and make sure that your clothes are clean and ironed.

Wearing New Shoes

No matter how good they looked when you tried them on in the shop, new shoes are not a good move for a job interview.

Not Putting In The Effort

tailor your CV to the role you're interviewing for so that relevant projects and responsibilities are highlighted.

Having Your Phone On

Remember to switch your phone off.Even if it’s on silent, an alarm you forgot about might suddenly go off in the middle of the interview, which will definitely come across as unprofessional and put you off your stride.

Not Speaking Professionally

Before the interview, go over the job description and think about what makes you the best person for the role. Knowing where you fit in, in advance, will boost your confidence.

Poor Body Language

Don’t slouch in your seat or make gestures that might suggest disinterest in either being at the interview or what the interviewer is talking about.

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