Makeup Tips and Tricks for Oily Skin


Cleanse and Prep

Begin by removing excess sebum and dirt from your face with a gentle cleanser. Follow with a non-oily moisturizer designed specifically for oily skin. 


Use a Mattifying Primer

Utilize a mattifying primer to create a smooth base for your cosmetics and to regulate oil production. Look for primers that are oil-free.


Choose Oil-Free and Long-Wearing Products

Choose oil-free or water-based concealers, foundations, and powders. These formulations are lighter and less likely to obstruct pores.


Set with Translucent Powder

With a gentle dusting of translucent powder, set your foundation and concealer. This will help absorb excess sebum and maintain the integrity of your makeup. 


Blotting Papers or Oil-Absorbing Sheets

Carry blotting papers or oil-absorbing sheets in your bag to remove excess oil fast throughout the day.


Avoid Heavy Creams and Emollient Products

Choose lightweight, oil-free moisturizers and avoid heavier cream-based foundations and cream blushes, which can exacerbate an oily appearance.


Opt for Powder-Based or Matte Eyeshadows

Rather than cream or iridescent finishes, opt for eyeshadows with powder-based or matte formulas.


Use Oil-Free or Water-Based Eyeliners and Mascara

Look for water-based or oil-free eyeliners and mascaras to avoid smudging or staining caused by excess oil. 


Blending and Layering

For a seamless finish, blend your makeup well. This will aid in preventing any blemishes or stains that could draw attention to oily areas. 


Carry Oil-Control Products

Consider bringing oil-control products, such as oil-absorbing sheets, a mattifying powder compact, or a travel-sized setting mist, with you.