Love or hate it? Check out this new plane seat look

Poor economy-class passengers have never been satisfied due to food (or lack thereof), cramped circumstances, loud noises, and being too close to fellow passengers.

Industry supplier Zodiac Seats France patented a space-saving aircraft cabin design.

The “Economy Class Cabin Hexagon” configuration places airline seats in different directions to enhance room and “increase cabin density.”

While the design may improve passenger "shoulder and arm area" and prevent chatting 

to strangers next to you, it also leads to face-to-face conversations and turbulence and seat entry/exit issues.

It's unclear if airlines will use this despite filing the patent, depending on how much they want to improve cabin space.

Seating arrangement patents are nothing new. Airbus Operations filed a patent in December 2013 for a “seating device comprising a forward-

At the end of 2014, Airbus attempted to patent a new plane design to improve cabin pressurization, but its round design earned it the nickname “doughnut”

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