Kit Kat Is Releasing an Exciting New Pastry

Donut breaks are great, but what if you could get all the sweet, sticky sensations in a Kit Kat bar? The popular chocolate-coated wafer sweet now has a new taste

The Kit Kat Chocolate Frosted Donut Flavored Bar is new. The bar's milk chocolate is topped with donut-flavored crème to simulate eating a fresh donut.

"We know fans love our bakery-inspired flavors like Kit Kat Birthday Cake–and we thought, 'who doesn't love a classic chocolate frosted

donut?!'" In a press statement, Kit Kat Associate Brand Manager Alex Kuzior noted. "The Kit Kat Chocolate Frosted Donut Flavored Bar is a sweet addition

to our permanent flavor portfolio and every bite delivers upon a delightful experience, reminiscent of a freshly baked donut from your favorite hometown bakery."

A Hershey favorite, the Kit Kat has been made in the U.S. since 1970. In recent years, Kit Kat has added Birthday Cake, Churro, White Crème,

and Key Lime Pie to its lineup and spread globally as the internet ogles the exotic flavors only accessible overseas.

The standard and king-sized Kit Kat Chocolate Frosted Donut Flavored Bar will be sold in candy aisles nationwide.

Kit Kat isn't the only iconic confectionery to shine. Reese's added a Caramel Big Cup on Friday, November 17. Due to popular demand, the new sweet