KFC Is Getting Rid of 5 Popular Menu Items

If your usual KFC order is Popcorn Chicken, medium strawberry lemonade, and chocolate chip cookie, we have bad news. A Louisville-based chain spokeswoman said it is experiencing a “menu simplification,” which entails removing certain items from its eateries. 

Kentucky Fried Chicken Wings, Popcorn Chicken Combo, Nashville Hot Sauce, Strawberry Lemonade, and Chocolate Chip Cookies will be withdrawn, according to Yahoo Finance. 

“We have strategically worked to simplify menu boards to make ordering easier for guests and create operational efficiencies for our restaurant team members,” KFC U.S. 

We rolled out new menu boards in November 2022 after analyzing the menu mix to see where consolidation made sense. By reducing a few items, we can add some intriguing new items to the menu in 2023.”

KFC regulars and Popcorn Chicken fans may be unhappy, but franchise owners believe simplifying the menu will improve kitchen efficiency. Stewart Restaurant Group COO Justin Stewart told Yahoo Finance that his restaurants have shortened drive-thrus by 11 seconds. 

After the chain deleted “less popular menu items,” “our team members have been able to package orders more quickly, due to having [fewer] items on our pack line,” he said. Order accuracy also improved. 

Despite testing two new recipes in the southeast, KFC has not indicated if those alternatives would be replaced. It tested hand-breaded chicken nuggets in Charlotte, North Carolina, last summer and is trying two new chicken sandwiches this week.

“This limited test of the Ultimate BBQ and Spicy Slaw chicken sandwiches is part of a continued commitment to giving customers more of what they want,” KFC U.S. chief marketing officer Nick Chavez said this week.

After testing two wraps in Atlanta, the Classic Chicken Wrap and Spicy Slaw Chicken Wrap are now worldwide. Lost the Popcorn Chicken Combo is still difficult, but a Classic Chicken Wrap in both hands may help.