How to use ExpertFlyer alerts to snag a better seat

We understand. The airline seat selection process can be frustrating. Window or aisle? Standard or preferred seat?

Over the wing? Should I not choose a seat and hope for a good one at check-in?

Sometimes your desired seat is unavailable when you book. Who has time to manually check a seat map numerous times a day before a trip in hopes of a better one?

ExpertFlyer, owned by TPG's parent company Red Ventures, can do this automatically. Best of all, ExpertFlyer's free 

membership lets you establish window or aisle seat alerts. This guide explains how to set up and use ExpertFlyer seat alerts.

ExpertFlyer is free to join, but two paid membership tiers unlock more features. New ExpertFlyer members can get a five-day Premium trial. 

Free: Set an alert for when a better flight seat becomes available. Each free alert is limited to one, but you can add more for $0.99.

Basic ($4.99 per month): Includes award and upgrade inventory search and flight availability. You can set four seat alerts at once but only 250 queries per month.

Premium ($9.99 per month, $99.99 per year): Flexible search, unlimited searches, and flight and aircraft change alerts.

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