How To Invest In Real Estate With No Money

Wholesaling involves finding distressed properties, negotiating a deal with the owner, and then assigning the contract to another investor for a fee.


Negotiate with sellers to finance the purchase of the property. This means you make payments directly to the seller instead of obtaining a traditional mortgage.

Seller Financing

Secure the right to purchase a property at a later date at a pre-determined price while leasing it in the meantime.

Lease Options

Form partnerships with individuals or groups who have the financial resources to invest.

Real Estate Partnerships

Explore creative financing options such as subject-to deals, where you take over the existing mortgage, or assuming a mortgage with the lender's approval.

Creative Financing

Hard money lenders are private individuals or companies that lend money at high-interest rates, typically based on the value of the property.

Hard Money Lenders

Partner with someone who has the capital but may lack the time, skills, or knowledge to find and manage real estate deals.

Joint Ventures

Participate in real estate crowdfunding platforms that allow you to pool your money with other investors to invest in a real estate project.

Real Estate Crowdfunding

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