I'm a travel hacker that always looks for ways to earn points and miles with my daily expenditures. I earn over one million points annually, which gives me free flights

Travel hackers have taken advantage of temporary credit card charge waivers or complicated rent payment procedures to collect points for years.

However, these maneuvers were hit-or-miss and short-lived. Thousands of points remained unclaimed.

Bilt credit cards let you earn points on rent and other expenditures. You then utilize those points like any other rewards program: to book travel directly, transfer them to travel partners

US Bilt Alliance properties number two million. But I won't worry about it. Most individuals will use its credit card, so I'll discuss it.

After opening a Wells Fargo Bilt Mastercard® with no annual charge, you set up monthly rental payments on the Bilt app or website.

To pay rent with an e-check instead of your credit card, Bilt opens a unique bank account attached to your credit card. This bank account is a legal “dummy” account to save credit card processing fees. 

Your Bilt Mastercard® is charged the same amount whether these routing and account numbers are used to pay rent. (You must connect your personal bank account

After setting up your account, you'll receive one point per dollar spent on rent with the Bilt credit card, up to 100,000 points per year. If you play your cards right, that many points

Bilt's major appeal is rent payments, but you'll also get two points per dollar spent on travel (when booked directly or through the Bilt Travel portal), three points per dollar spent on restaurants

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