How to Achieve Vintage-Inspired Hair

Identify the specific vintage era you want to recreate, whether it's the glamour of the 1920s, the victory rolls of the 1940s, or the big curls of the 1950s.

Choose Your Era

For retro curls, use hot rollers, pin curls, or a curling iron depending on the era. Brush out the curls for softer waves.

Vintage Curls

Create iconic victory rolls by sectioning your hair and rolling it inward, securing with bobby pins. This style is classic for a 1940s look.

Victory Rolls (1940s)

Achieve the finger wave look by using a comb to create S-shaped waves. Fix them in place with clips or pins, and then set with hairspray.

Finger Waves (1920s-1930s)

Backcomb the hair at the crown for volume and smooth the top layer. Gather hair into a half-ponytail, leaving the crown teased for a 1960s bouffant.

Bouffant (1960s)

Create pin-up styles with victory rolls, bumper bangs, or classic pin curls. Use accessories like headscarves or hair flowers for an authentic touch.

Pin-Up Styles (1950s)

Incorporate vintage accessories such as headbands, hair combs, barrettes, or decorative hairpins to enhance the authenticity of your style.

Hair Accessories

Consider getting a vintage-inspired haircut, such as a bob, pixie cut, or pageboy, depending on the era you're drawn to.

Vintage Haircuts

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