Gorgeous Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Shoulder-length layers: 

Layered shoulder-length haircuts give volume and movement. This style suits many hair and face types.

Bangs Bob: 

A traditional bob with side-swept bangs frames your face and makes you look younger.

Long Pixie 

Longer pixie cuts offer more styling possibilities. Customize this elegant, low-maintenance style to fit your characteristics.

Beachy Waves 

Enjoy natural beach waves. This hairdo offers texture and youthfulness.

Blended Highlights: 

Blunt haircuts with blended highlights are trendy and classy. Hair highlights provide dimension and vibrancy.

Curly Bob 

Bob haircuts are great for curly hair. A well-shaped bob above or below your shoulders can highlight your curls.

Wispy Bangs Updo: 

Consider a special-occasion updo with delicate bangs. Wispy bangs and a bun or twist updo soften your face.

Layered Shag 

Layered shags are trendy and youthful. The layers and shaggy look create movement and edginess.

Crown Braid: 

Braid a segment of hair from each side and join them at the back to form a crown.

Slim and Straight: 

Straight hair looks professional.

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