Foods You Think Are Healthy, Aut Aren’t

veggie chips are “no healthier than potato chips."Commercially available veggie chipsare only made with 60-70 percent produce.

Veggie chips

Coconut oil is versatile to say the least.Two tablespoons contain the entire recommended daily intake of saturated fat for an adult woman.

Coconut oil

the health benefits of veggie burgers depend on how the burgers were made. Some plant burgers are going to have added fat, and commonly added fats include saturated fats like coconut oil

Veggie burgers

Flavoured yogurt isn’t the healthy breakfast option that many people think it is.Yogurt is not supposed to be sweet or flavoured because yogurt is the result of bacterial fermentation of milk

Flavoured yogurt

Many smoothies pack a sugar punch that negates their health benefits.When buying premade smoothies at the grocery store or the supermarket make sure reading the label and avoiding smoothies with excessive amounts of added sugar.


many people assume that 'reduced-fat' means healthier, and this is not always the case.when the fat in peanut butter is removed, it’s often replaced with sugar. This turns it into “less of a healthy fat food and more into a carb.”

peanut butter

Red wine has long been thought of as beneficial for heart health.However,studies have linked wine consumption to increased risk of cancer.

Red wine

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