Foods That Will Help You Get A Good Night's Sleep

Canned Sardines

low calcium intake is specifically linked with difficulty nodding off and less restorative sleep.Canned sardines are a terrific calcium source for people who can’t tolerate or don’t want to consume dairy.


A banana is packed with around 375mg of potassiuma mineral associated with less daytime sleepiness.Snacking on this bendy fruit before bedtime also tops up your intake of vitamin B6, which helps in sleep.

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are packed with magnesium, which can enhance levels of sleep-regulating melatonin hormone and aid muscle relaxation.

Soya Foods

Greater intake of isoflavones, found in soya products such as tofu, were linked with higher chances of getting optimal sleep


Research suggests that the high glycaemic index of rice (which means it releases sugar quickly) makes it good for inducing sleep.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese on crackers or crispbread is an ideal bedtime snack, providing a balance of tryptophan and carbohydrate


Eating more crab is one way of getting your selenium fix, plus the shellfish also contains crucial sleep nutrients like calcium and vitamin B6.

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