Experts Predict the Top Hair Trends for 2024

A hybrid model is becoming popular in more places than just the workplace. According to Yelp's 2022 beauty trend forecast report, the famous hairstyle from the 1970s is also making a comeback.

Retro Hair Revival

Have you heard? Pantone's Color of the Year  is Very Peri, a bright periwinkle blue with lively violet-red undertones. We're not just seeing this color on walls, though.

Very Peri Hair Color

Get rid of the soft layers and the timid trims. In 2024, people will want hairstyles that are hard to miss, like bob cuts, mullets, and octopus cuts.

Rebel Cuts and Power Bobs

If you haven't heard of it, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a treatment that doctors use to help different parts of the body heal faster, especially the head.

PRF Injections

This hairdo is based on the neck of a bottle. It starts thin and short in the middle, gets longer around the eyes, and then gets longer along the cheekbone.

Bottleneck Bangs

As temperatures get cooler, people are trading in their beach waves for ultra-shiny sleek hair that still has movement.

Liquid Hair

 This one is pretty easy: don't comb all of your hair back like you normally would. Instead, leave the part alone and use a paddle brush and style gel to smooth out any flyaways.

Sleek Upstyles With a Middle Part

This ponytail and curtain bang combo is inspired by '60s bombshell Brigette Bardot.

Pin-Up Pony


Experts Predict the Top 11 Hair Trends for 2022

Predict the Top 11 Hair Trends for