Countries With The Most Cultural Influence

South Africa is the third-largest economy in Africa, drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to see its impressive terrain, wildlife, and cultural diversity.

South Africa

Turkey is home to a unique intersection of culture, as it bridges Asia with Europe. Its popular cuisine is largely influenced by its Ottoman heritage, which itself is influenced by Greek


One of the most ethnically and religiously diverse countries in the world, India is known for its historical architectural treasures, including the Taj Mahal.


While it's small in size, Austria has an enormous tradition of being a cultural center. Vienna, the nation's capital, became Europe's center for classical music.


Belgium is known for its chocolates, waffles, and fries, as well as its comic strip tradition, including 'Tintin' and 'The Smurfs.'


With its natural wonders and amazing beaches, Thailand has been attracting tourists for years. Bangkok, its capital, is one of the most visited places in the world.


The city-state has become popular across the world for its futuristic multicultural society. As one of the cultural drivers of robotics, there are over 327,000 industrial robots in Singapore's workforce.


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