Costco Shopper's Brilliant $100 Meal Prep Yields 23 Meals in an Hour

In addition to its affordable food court and many membership benefits, Costco is recognized for its bulk grocery prices.

A Costco member who went viral after revealing a cheap and easy meal prep strategy may be able to help you maximize your bulk purchases.

Costco user u/Craigbeau tweeted a photo of 23 meals he made with warehouse club items this week. Taco beef with veggies and Costco's Mexican Street Corn Salad Kit

Costco Shopper's Brilliant $100 Meal Prep Yields 23 Meals in an Hour

Shredded chicken with Costco's Asian Cashew Salad Kit, and rice bowls with protein and veggies were served. 

A couple more jars of meat and veggies were also found during supper prep, which Craigbeau stated were for his fiancée.

The blogger said the best part was that these meals cost $100 and took one hour to make. Over 630 Redditors have commented on the post

Many of whom praised u/Craigbeau for creating a "amazing" and affordable set of dishes that don't take hours to cook.

I adore this. Redditor: I need to improve my meal prep. "I think this is a great example of what you can do with time and money," one said.

Around $4.50 per dinner under $100. Under the original post, u/Craigbeau commented that he used "higher-end" meats and veggies

which increased the cost. Thus, cheaper ingredients may allow other shoppers to make identical dishes for less.

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