Costco Launches 'Delicious' $2 Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches

New breakfast options are available at Costco for shoppers looking for convenience and flavor.

Several have seen Kirkland Signature frozen breakfast sandwiches for the first time in the previous two days. Applewood-smoked bacon, egg, and cheese fill a spiral butter croissant.

Visalia Costco customers reported a $15.99 box of eight sandwiches. This works out to $2 per sandwich, although warehouse pricing vary. 

Costco's new breakfast offerings, like many others, are popular with shoppers. Costco fans were divided on the new sandwiches.

Some members have posted wonderful reviews or expressed excitement about trying the item on social media.

"Just bought these, followed the air fryer instructions and they were delicious," a Reddit user said of the new sandwiches. 

Some have noted that Starbucks' Double Smoked Bacon, Egg, & Cheddar Sandwich, with a spiral croissant bun and similar ingredients, looks identical. 

However, the sandwich nutrition information turned many off. Reddit users provided a nutrition label showing that each sandwich had 390 calories, 23 grams

Every nutrition count except cholesterol is higher than Jimmy Dean's Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Croissant, a popular frozen breakfast sandwich. 

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