Burger King's New Mexican Chicken Sandwich

Burger King will introduce a Mexican version of the Original Chicken Sandwich next year, but many customers have complained that it doesn't sound Mexican.

Recent years have seen increasingly significant fast-food promotions leaking on social media before brand announcements. 

It looks to have happened again on r/BurgerKing. A user wrote a "Shush don't tell anyone, ok?

🤫" discussion six days ago, implying an internal marketing brochure for a new Mexican Original Chicken Sandwich.

Anonymous social media posts may not be reliable news sources, but The Fast Food Post

indicates that BK restaurants nationwide will offer the Mexican Original Chicken Sandwich in January 2023.

FFP's G. Ramsay contacted their local Burger King about the mysterious new menu item, and the establishment

confirmed the sandwich is coming and will likely cost $5.99. However, that establishment wouldn't specify the sandwich's arrival date.

Burger King has never been reluctant to try new flavors and menu items, and this latest creation is certainly an attempt to spice up a staple.

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