Burger King Just Launched 2 New Ice Cream Treats

Many large fast-food restaurants are located in the US, but they sometimes launch crave-worthy new menu items in Canada that make

Americans FOMO. McDonald's Chicken Big Mac and Chipotle BBQ Quarter Pounder are examples of goods that have launched in Canada

but not the US. The Egg BLT breakfast sandwich was Wendy's latest Canada exclusive. Burger King's American consumers have missed poutine

Yesterday, Burger King Canada tweeted the launch of their Oreo and Smarties BK Blasts, providing Canadians two new cold dessert

alternatives for summer. The vanilla ice cream snacks with sugary toppings resemble McDonald's McFlurry and Dairy Queen Blizzard.

In contrast to American Smarties, which are cylindrical stacks of crunchy fruit-flavored sweets, the Burger King Smarties are candy-

coated chocolate pieces. The Oreo and Smarties BK Blast flavors cost $2.99 at one Toronto Burger King, but prices may vary. 

Burger King customers in the US can taste two cinematic-themed limited-time treats, but BK Blasts are unavailable. Burger King is selling a "Spider-Verse" 

Whopper and Sundae in conjunction with the June 2 Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse movie. The Whopper has a flame-grilled beef patties

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