Burger King Is Replacing This Long-Standing Value Deal

Restaurant companies are raising prices like never before, and customers are unhappy. Fast food is more expensive because Dollar Menus disappeared

Customers are still disgruntled with the company's paper coupon phaseout last year. By removing the

Whopper from the Two for $5 deal in February, the restaurant continued to reduce its promotion volume. The beloved deal is now being cut.

Burger King is replacing its $5 Mix n' Match promotion with a somewhat more expensive one, according to Chew Boom. The new value menu

charges $6 for any two sandwiches from the Impossible King, Big King, Big Fish, Original Chicken Sandwich, and Single Quarter Pound King.

However, the chain has switched the price on its Mix n' Match promotion before. According to Thrillist, Two for $6 became $5 in 2023

According to a Reddit post about the new Two for $6, many customers agree that inflation is a problem but worry how the bargain will affect the company.

Some customers refuse to pay more for Burger King's food since it's not worth the extra 50 cents per sandwich.

In the campaign, the chain substituted Chicken Fries with the plant-based Impossible King Sandwich, which launched on June 23.

Burger King isn't the only chain raising prices without value deals. Most fast food menus have been rising in price. Wendy's has hiked prices 6% since March