Burger King Is Bringing Back One Of Its Most Popular Sides

Fries, move! Burger King is reintroducing a popular potato side in a new configuration.

Chew Boom said the burger company will bring back seasonal Cheesy Tots. In time for the holidays, the renowned side dish of deep-fried potatoes

The tots' diehard supporters are excited about this limited-time item's occasional annual return. BK fans love the Cheesy Tots' golden,

crunchy, and decadent flavor. Many Whopper fans remember Cheesy Tots, even though fries are the most common side dish.

The kids returned to Burger King in Arizona, Colorado, New York, and Florida last year. Hungry customers ordered 8-piece orders for $4.98 and couldn't get enough. 

An unhealthy delicacy, Cheesy Tots include 316 calories, 15 grams of fat, and roughly 800 milligrams of sodium.

Fast-food Instagram account @snackolater announced Cheesy Tots' comeback, despite never trying them.

"My best childhood experience. They should keep them year-round, someone said. "Finally childhood is returned. Another said, "I love eating

Fans have even criticized Burger King for not offering Cheesy Tots. Fans launched the Burger King Bring Back the Cheesy Tots Facebook page to get their favorite warm

Check your local Burger King this week to see whether the tots are available. Don't wait to love or try them—they'll disappear.

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