7 Best Indoor Cat Breeds


Sphynx cats are friendly and sociable. They love to play, but are just as happy to relax and stay indoors.


If you’ve not owned a cat before, the Ragdoll is one of the best cat breeds for first-time owners.They’re much more suited to life indoors as they’re gentle and not savvy, streetwise cats.

Scottish Fold

With its signature folded ears and yellow/orange eyes, the Scottish Fold is not only adorable, but a loveable, playful pet.


These cats are loyal and affectionate so as long as you’re giving them lots of attention they’ll be happy to stay indoors whether it’s playing or relaxing.

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex breed is intelligent so, while they’re happy to be indoors, they’ll need lots of mental and physical stimulation.


Siamese cats are actually one of the friendliest cat breeds. These highly intelligent cats are super vocal and chatty.


The Persian cat is a quiet, gentle cat that wants nothing more than to relax and be pampered. They are not known for being very active and instead enjoy cuddles and being spoiled.

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