Airlines That Charge the Most Hidden Fees

Frontier Airlines charges for carry-on luggage, checked bags, and seat selection, so study their fees carefully.

Allegiant Air: Phone booking, carry-on luggage, and priority boarding cost extra.

Ryanair: Ryanair, a discount airline in Europe, charges for airport check-in and boarding tickets.

Wizz Air: The Hungarian low-cost airline charges for carry-on luggage, priority boarding, and large cabin bags.

United Airlines: United's Basic Economy price class often charges for seat assignment and a full-sized carry-on luggage.

American Airlines: American Airlines' Basic Economy pricing class has seat assignment and carry-on bag restrictions, which can cost extra.

Delta Air Lines: Delta's Basic Economy tickets carry restrictions such no returns and seat assignment costs.

Alaska Airlines charges extra for preferred seating and itinerary changes, but it doesn't have numerous hidden fees like some budget airlines.

WOW air: Before its bankruptcy and closure, WOW air offered low base rates but charged for seat selection and carry-on bags.

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