9 Common Dog Myths That Just Aren’t True

Dogs Only See Black and White

Buckle up because we’ll drop a Technicolor truth bomb on this grayscale misconception.

One Human Year Equals Seven Dog Years

A long-standing myth says that seven dog years are equal to one human year. However, this is not normal dog math.

Dogs Eat Grass When They’re Sick

You may have noticed that your dog was eating a lot of grass and thought, "Oh no, Spot's got a stomachache."

Tail-Wagging Always Means a Happy Dog

Contrary to common opinion, tail-wagging doesn't always mean a happy puppy. Our common dog myth is that fear, insecurity, or hostility equals dog happiness.

Dogs Should Eat Only Dry Dog Food

Let's bust the idea that dogs should only eat dry food. It can be easy for dog owners to feed their dogs dry kibble, but it's not a must for their dogs' diet.

All Dogs Naturally Know How to Swim

TeamDogs tells the Liverpool Echo, “The dogs that have a powerful chest and a heavy skull are not very good swimmers bulldogs, mastiffs, dachshunds, and boxers.

Dogs Can Stand Cold Weather

One dog myth that has been going around for too long is that our furry friends are naturally tough when it comes to the cold.

Shaving a Dog in Hot Weather Helps Keep Them Cool

Not at all, quite the opposite! Even though it makes sense, cutting their fur can hurt them more than help.

Dogs Shouldn’t Eat Bones at All

Certain types of bones can be a healthy part of your furry friend’s diet. They provide essential nutrients, promote oral health, and keep your pup happily occupied.

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