9 Things Your Dog Actually Wants from You

Love and Affection:

Dogs thrive on love and attention. Regular pets, cuddles, and verbal affirmations make them feel cherished.

Quality Time:

Spend time together. Dogs want to be with you, whether it's a walk in the park, playing fetch, or simply lounging on the couch.

Routine and Predictability:

Dogs feel secure with a predictable daily routine. Regular feeding, walks, and bedtime routines are essential.

Healthy Meals:

Nutritious food tailored to their age and breed keeps them happy and healthy.

Fresh Water:

Access to clean, fresh water at all times is a basic need.

Safety and Security:

Dogs want to feel safe. Provide a secure environment, both inside and outside your home.

Training and Structure:

Dogs appreciate clear rules and boundaries. Training builds their confidence.

Social Interaction:

Dogs are social animals. Arrange playdates or trips to the dog park to let them socialize.

Regular Exercise:

Physical activity is vital for their well-being. A tired dog is a happy dog.