9 Of the Best Meat Dishes In The World

Beef bourguignon

A French classic, beef bourguignon is a delicious stew braised in red wine. It's typically flavored with carrots, onions, garlic, and herbs, and garnished with pearl onions, mushrooms, and bacon.

Shepherd's pie

This delightful pie is filled with minced meat, vegetables, and mashed potatoes. Loaded up in a casserole dish, it's baked until the mash turns golden.

Chelow kebab

A typical Iranian dish, chelow kebab is traditionally served with saffron-flavored rice and grilled tomatoes. Just imagine the rich aroma!

Beef Wellington

The ultimate elegant dish, beef Wellington isn't as difficult to make as people think. Plus, it's always a showstopper at dinner parties.

Masala kheema

This Indian minced beef curry is perfect for a comforting winter meal over rice or roti. A very common dish in the state of Kashmir, it's made with caramelized onions, ginger, garlic, and tomatoes


Make this hearty Hungarian classic to feed the family on chilly nights. Apart from the meat, it contains paprika-seasoned potatoes and vegetables.

Braised beef short ribs

This comforting dish is everything you need on a lazy day. Put it in a crock-pot or Dutch oven, and let it sit for several hours. You'll get succulent and tender beef ribs out of the deal!

Steak tartare

No cooking here! This raw meat dish contains cornichons, capers, shallots, fresh herbs, egg yolk, Tabasco, and Worcestershire.


Espetada is a traditional Portuguese dish from the island of Madeira. It consists of big pieces of beef that are marinated in salt and garlic, then skewered on a bay leaf stick.

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