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9 Major Red Flags That Signal Divorce

Each partner will care for and meet the other's needs in a strong relationship. If your marriage is headed for divorce, these demands may go unnoticed.

1. Partner stops responding to demands

Red flags include your partner calling you foolish, claiming what you're saying is stupid, telling you to stop feeling the way you feel, or blaming you.

2. Your lover ignores you

Balance between 'togetherness' or partnership and individualism tends to lead to long-term relationships or marriages.

3. Codependent partner

Arguments about unloading the dishwasher may be more important than you think. The division of labor is a major source of relationship tension.

4. You argue over labor division

They may oppose marriage counseling, making it harder to escape that toxic behavior.

5. You both disrespect each other

Over time, I've heard from clients that living like roommates with your husband frequently means divorce.

6. Physical affection is gone

They have no common project, each is focused on their own activities, and they don't spend time growing the connection, which develops physical and emotional isolation over time.

7. You feel strangers at home

Money goes beyond invoices and bank accounts. It's about power, control, security, and sometimes love. If one person always controls finances and the other feels like they're just along for the ride, trouble is developing.

8. You disagree on money

Conflict is vital for a relationship and shows that a pair is willing to try to connect, even if they fail.

9. You never fight

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