9 Hooded Eye Makeup Hacks to Make Your Eyes Pop

Use a makeup primer first to make the base smooth and even. If you have hooded eyes, it's easy for makeup to move to the lids. An eye primer will help your eyeshadow stay put and not creak.

1. Use a Primer

 Shimmery shadows reflect light, which makes your eyes look bigger. To make your eyes look brighter, put shimmery shadows in the middle of your lid, the inner corner, and under your brow bone.

2. Be Strategic with Shadows

You can make this eye shape look more awake by pointing your arm up and outward. This is because this eye shape can sometimes look heavy or sleepy. 

3. Create a Subtle Wing

Applying heavy eyeliner to both the upper and lower lash line can make the eyes look smaller. Opt for a softer, smudged line, which will make your eyes look bigger and more lifted, and also make your lashes look fuller.

5. Avoid Heavy Eyeliner

Curling your lashes can make a big difference in opening up your eyes, especially when you have hooded lids.

6. Lash Love

Your brows go hand in hand with your eyeshadow look and are even more pronounced with hooded eyes.

8. Maintain and Highlight Your Brows

False lashes can be a game-changer for hooded eyes, but be careful, because the wrong ones can pull hooded eyes down and make them look smaller.

9. Experiment with Falsies