9 Elegant Formal Hairstyles For Girls To Try In 2023

Classic Bun with Accessories:

Create a neat bun at the nape of the neck and add decorative pins or a hair accessory for a timeless and refined look.

Princess Braid Crown:

Craft a crown with braids by weaving sections of hair around the head, creating a regal and fairy-tale inspired style.

Twisted Chignon:

Gather your hair into a low bun, twisting sections for a textured and graceful appearance. This style works wonderfully for formal events.

Sleek Low Ponytail:

Achieve a polished and elegant look by tying your hair into a low ponytail and wrapping a strand around the hairband for a chic finish.

Vintage Waves:

Create soft, glamorous waves for a timeless and Hollywood-inspired look that's perfect for formal occasions.

Fishtail Updo:

Twist and weave sections of hair to form a fishtail braid, then wrap it into a bun for a sophisticated and intricate updo.

Side-Swept Curls:

Curl your hair and sweep it to one side for a romantic and glamorous style that's ideal for formal events.

French Twist:

Gather your hair at the nape of your neck and twist it upwards, securing it with pins for a classic and elegant updo.

Flower Crown Updo:

Style your hair into an updo and adorn it with a flower crown or decorative headpiece for a natural and whimsical look.

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