9 Common Signs a Guy Likes You As More Than a Friend

1. Increased attention

He pays more attention to you than to other individuals, making an effort to engage in conversation, inquire about your day, and recall minor details.

2. Body language

He exhibits positive body language, such as leaning in when speaking with you, sustaining eye contact, and mirroring your actions or gestures.

3. Initiates contact

He frequently initiates communication, whether through text messages, phone conversations, or social media.

4. Quality time

He actively seeks out opportunities to spend time alone with you, whether it be going out for coffee, viewing a movie, or engaging in shared interests.

5. Compliments and teasing

He compliments your appearance, intelligence, or personality, and may mock you in a friendly and lighthearted way.

6. Jealousy or protectiveness

He exhibits jealously when you mention other men and protectiveness when he watches out for you in social situations.

7. Nervousness or shyness

He may become somewhat nervous or bashful around you, struggling to maintain composure or stumbling over his words when speaking with you.

8. Physical touch

He may initiate subtle physical contact, such as light touches on the arm, hugs, or finding reasons to be physically near to you.

9. Remembering important details

Remembering significant dates, events, or things you've told him demonstrates that he values your conversations and pays close attention to your life.