8 Things You Should Never Do at the Dog Park, Vets Say

Never visit during peak hours.

Dog parks tend to become gathering places for pet owners in the area. But sometimes, when it comes to making sure everyone has a fun and safe time, less can be more.

Never feed a strangers' dog treats.

There's an undeniably deep shared joy between a dog and someone who's just given them a treat.

Never bring an unvaccinated puppy.

Giving your dog your full attention can be hard, especially if it's a baby. During their early years, they need a lot of patient training.

Never bring a potentially sick dog to the park.

A lot of people changed their minds about going to work or a party when they had the sniffles during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Never lose focus on what your dog is doing.

 Even though the environment is usually safe, anything can happen at any time, so you need to pay full attention at all times to keep everyone safe.

Never forget to clean up after your dog.

When you get a dog, you have to clean up after it everywhere, even on walks. Some vets say it's important to remember that this basic rule still holds true at the dog park.

Never go to the dog park when it's too hot outside.

Vets say it's still best to stay away from the dog park during heat waves, even if it's tempting after a day spent inside.

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