8 Stacked, Short Curly Bob Haircuts to Enhance Your Natural Curls

Layered Curly Bob:

This haircut features layers that are carefully cut to enhance the natural curls and create a voluminous, bouncy look.

Angular Stacked Bob:

This bob has a graduated, stacked back with longer curls in the front. The angular cut adds a modern touch.

Pixie Curly Bob:

This is a shorter version of the stacked bob with more defined curls, creating a bold and edgy appearance.

Voluminous Stacked Bob:

With lots of layers and curls, this bob provides incredible volume and movement.

Asymmetrical Stacked Bob:

This bob features uneven lengths, with one side longer than the other. This adds a dynamic and playful element to the style.

Short and Sassy Curly Bob:

This cut is shorter in the back and gradually gets longer towards the front, creating a lively and spirited look.

Tousled Stacked Bob:

Achieve a carefree, tousled effect by allowing curls to fall naturally, emphasizing texture and movement.

Choppy Curly Bob:

This bob incorporates deliberate, choppy layers for an effortlessly chic and modern appearance.

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