7 Mistakes You Should Never Make When Mixing Patterns

Ignoring Scale

Vary the scale of patterns. Mix large-scale patterns with smaller ones for a balanced and harmonious look.

Clashing Color Schemes

Choose patterns with a cohesive color palette. Consider a unifying color that appears in multiple patterns to tie them together.

Overdoing It

Limit the number of patterns and use them strategically. A general rule is to stick to three or fewer patterns in a room.

Ignoring Texture

Combine patterns with various textures. Mix smooth fabrics with textured ones to add depth and interest.

Forgetting the Solids

Intersperse solid-colored elements among the patterns. This helps to break up the visual busyness and provides areas for the eyes to rest.

Neglecting the Style

Choose patterns that share a common design element or theme to maintain a cohesive style throughout the space.

Ignoring the Room's Function

Consider the purpose of the room and choose patterns that align with that function. For example, calming patterns in a bedroom and lively patterns in a living room.

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